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Decoding A Fanboy’s Closet: Shamit Gandhi

Decoding A Fanboy’s Closet: Shamit Gandhi

A doting father, loving husband, devoted son & an established business man – Shamit Gandhi is a fun-loving, light-hearted enthusiastic & it’s hard to not catch that vibe when you’re around him. And, with the many roles that he plays effortlessly, there lies inside a sports fanatic with a wardrobe to die for. It’s his love for sports and sportswear fashion that took us to Shamit’s house. You name any team, and he meekly shows off its jersey from his wardrobe. We felt like Alice in wonderland, as we couldn’t get enough of his collection & the more we saw, the more we wanted them all!!! And in between my unable to stop adventure, I got a chance to ask him what is it like to be the owner of such astounding wardrobe.

So this one is obvious, which is your favourite sport?

Well, it’s hard to pick actually honestly.. (upon being nudged).. but given a push, I would say Football is my favourite sport.


And why football?

Because frankly speaking that’s the only sport where supporting India doesn’t come into the picture. Of course, I have my favourite teams that I support passionately but there’s no direct identity with them.

Do you have a group of friends who are sport’s fanatics and do you guys meet up for a match?

Well yes, I do have a group of friends with whom I watch my favourite match.  Especially twice a year we ensure & meet up for Machester United VS Liverpool rivalry.


What would you prefer, watching a match at the stadium or at home?

Five years ago you would have seen me at a stadium sporting my favourite team jersey. But now I prefer being home with my daughter, who gives me company. She is just one year old, but I have already gotten her into cheering for the match with me.

Who is your favourite sports person?

Sachin Tendulkar. He has been my inspiration through my growing years & will always be!


Do you follow any particular sports person’s style?

Well, I don’t follow a player. It’s just the team that I support. I wear the T shirt & may match a watch or put a gear on while watching a match. I did try a couple of haircuts in the past though – like I got my hair streaked blue to support India in 2003 World Cup.


What is your style philosophy?

I don’t think I have a style philosophy, but I’d like to think I’m a trendsetter nonetheless (*chuckles*). There was a time I used to get ridiculed for owning and wearing a bunch of neon jerseys. Now neon is quite fashionable. If I had to state my style philosophy, you could say my colours are based on my loyalties (Liverpool & India), the style based on my personality (laid-back) and the economics of it all based on my frequent need to wash or dispose of my clothes (foodie stains).


Is your style influenced by any sport?

Well, Football may be. Because in football we have team colours & which keep on changing every year. So there’s a lot to look forward to in clothes when it comes to football. In fact, even my favourite colour Red & Blue are dictated by my favourite teams.

What’s your regular wear like?

When I am at work, I wear comfortable shirts & trousers. And when I am home I wear a pair of shorts & T-shirt. For shirts, I like wearing simple pastel colours.

Do you have a favourite sportswear brand?

I would think Adidas. I like their style & comfort & land up buying a lot of sportswear from there.


What would you choose – comfort or fit?

I’d prefer comfort.

Coming to your comic T-shirt collection that we can’t stop eyeing, who is your favourite superhero?

Batman & Ironman, Batman has always been my favourite but in recent years I have come to like Ironman too.


Do you have a comic hero you follow style wise?

I don’t think I have been inspired by their style because I can’t. It’s just I wear the T shirts because I love them. In fact, I also have Star Wars & Mickey Mouse t-shirts just because I like them. I also have this ring from LOTR that my wife gifted me on our honeymoon!


Any must haves in the wardrobe?

Whatever it is – wear comfortable clothes!

Whoever we are, we all have our that favourite old T-shirt that we just can’t seem to let go of at any cost & for Shamit it’s his jersey with his name written on it which he bought as a teenager. Our take, being a fanatic is one thing but wearing it proudly is another. And that’s what Shamit’s wardrobe tells us – wear what you love!


Shot and edited by Indrajeet Deshmukh for WODROB.