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A Filmy Ad Director’s Generously Enthusiastic Closet : Imran Khan

A Filmy Ad Director’s Generously Enthusiastic Closet : Imran Khan

One man’s entertainment is another man’s passion. That’s what you experience when you meet this energetic, effervescent, ad film director. He carries the panache of an actor and vision of a director. An absolute filmy at heart, Imran quips up a Hindi film dialogue at any point in time, and can make anyone laugh with his histrionics.

Imran’s also a breathtaking dancer, and his first love — choreography – is what led him to his true calling of film direction. An alumni of New York Film Academy, Imran has been working as an ad film director for over six years, and owns a production house called ‘Mother Films.’ His love for advertising splashes through his enthusiasm as he states, “You have to love advertising to be in advertising.” Ask him why he loves advertising so much, he quickly adds, “Because advertising is really cool. I am fascinated by the amount of detailing that goes into making an ad film. It is all about building the specifics around story telling, while creating a connection with the product. The gloss and the fantasy world that can be created with advertising is amazing.”

He loved advertising since childhood and grew up drawing inspiration from the advertising biggies, who were featured on a show titled ‘The Dream Merchants’ on Doordarshan. Till date, he lives by ad guru Piyush Pandey’s line – ‘Let us be generous with our enthusiasm.’ 


And, when you meet Imran and you’ll know how literally he lives by this quote each day! What makes Imran different is how well he combines his discipline and focus with madness and fun! Ask him if he ever wanted to become an actor and comes a dramatic reply – ‘I am so much more than that now!’

It’s true; he is a star in his own being! His style spells out coolness and his wardrobe has some amazing collection of suits, jackets, dapper tees, shirts, jeans, sports and Indian wear. He avoids linens for its need for high maintenance, but is happy to wear any colour. However, blue and whites are his comfort colours. After checking out his closet and collections, check out his show reel at the end.


WM : How would you define your style?

IK : I like to wear it as casual and sporty as possible, and it’s held together by a pair of shoes. On shoots, I often wear tracks, joggers and T-shirts. For client meetings, I wear formals as a sign of respect to the corporate space. But even with my formals, I wear a hint of casual. For instance, most of my shirts are round collar versus the flat collar, and I wear them either chinos or denims.

WM : We’ve heard you say the word ‘cool’ too many times. Tell us what is cool according to you?

IK : When something is put well together, it’s cool. So, even if you are ragged out it should be well ‘ragged’ out. It’s how you carry your style, even if it’s a crumpled shirt or disheveled hair or something about you that stands out. For instance, I focus on my shoes a lot.

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WM : How do you pick your clothes for the day?

IK : My clothes define the pace and energy of my day. So if I am shooting for a dance-based film, I choose to wear something sporty; as it gives me the freedom to move about easily. Or if it’s a scene that requires calmness, I wear chinos and shirt. Basically, what I wear depends on the scenes I am shooting.

WM : What is that one thing in your wardrobe that completes your look?

IK : My shoes. I have shoes in all colours – red, orange, whites and more. I am very fond of shoes, and I can never throw them away. You will always find my shoes neat and clean. At any given point in time, I have one pair of new shoes waiting in my collection.


WM: What’s so fascinating about shoes?

IK: I feel whatever you wear, a pair of good shoes keeps the look together. Also, I think it’s a dancer thing – a dancer will either have very good shoes or worn out shoes because of their intense rehearsal.

WM : Do you follow fashion trends?

IK : If I like them then yes! One recent trend I like is folding the trousers. It makes me look taller, as well as gives a break for the shoes. I also like joggers; they are comfortable and make me look good.

WM : Online or offline shopping?

IK : I like the touch and feel of clothes. So, offline it is.


WM : Any style statement you despise?

IK : I hate it when one ‘tries’ to be something that they’re not, it just doesn’t work well. One such case is, when guys straighten their hair or sport boxer-showing-loose-jeans.

WM: A style icon you follow…

IK: Well, I don’t follow a icon, but I like how Usher and Justin Timerlake carry off the casual sporty look.

WM: What’s your favourite accessory?

IK: I have a decent collection of watches. I have one that complements almost every occasion and look. I use them to add flair to my outfits.


WM : What’s your take on Indian wear?

IK : Indian clothes make any occasion special. They make you look respectable, formal as well as classy. Also, when I am not sure what to wear I simply team up a kurta with denims and I am good to go.


WM : Style advice for newcomers in advertising or film making?

IK: Define your own style; underline it, be proud of it, and display it — because everybody wants to see it.