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WODROB Star: Belly Dancer Kanchi Shah On Her Closet Finds

WODROB Star: Belly Dancer Kanchi Shah On Her Closet Finds

   Prasant Mandal

As part of our series titled WODROB Star, we scout for people who have an edge over others, and talk to them about their sartorial choices and closet finds. From dapper men to women with an offbeat style quotient, a WODROB Star is anyone who stands out in a crowd because of their persona. 

We interviewed Kanchi Shah, belly dancer, choreographer and Zumba fitness instructor on what fashion and fitness mean to her. Read on…

1. The things one will find in your closet at any given time…

Well, the things you’ll always find in my closet are my workout wear and dresses.

2. What’s your guilty pleasure during a cheat day?

I am also a food blogger so I indulge in guilty pleasures almost every single day. My favourite is pizza, nachos, and all sort of junk food.

Belly Dancer Kanchi Shah

3. The things you can never get out of home without…

It’s got to be my perfume, iPod, and my phone.

4. What’s your favourite fitness ensemble?

My fave ensemble when I am working out is a sports bra and shorts.

5. Three things we’ll find if we raid your bag RN?

You’ll find my perfume, my iPod, as well as many bobby pins and rubber bands, as I have to use these during my intense workout sessions.

6. One tip for anyone who wants to buy fitness gear?

Don’t go on how the outfit looks, but check if it’s comfortable. That’s the most important element while working out; it’s necessary to buy something that you feel ‘yourself’ in.

7. It’s fashionable to stay fit because…

Because the best thing you can do to your body is to stay fit. Also, fitness is above everything… it’s a way of life.