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Blended Sensabilities, Yet Signature: Zoran Saher’s Wardrobe Is Refreshingly Unique

Blended Sensabilities, Yet Signature: Zoran Saher’s Wardrobe Is Refreshingly Unique

He’s an actor. So, it is a given that he dons many hats. But, he does so off-screen too! Born in Mumbai, brought up in Muscat, and studied in New York, adaptability quickly found its way into Zoran Saher’s persona. And that reflects in the way he dresses up; one day he’s dressed casual and laid back, the other, he looks like he’ll be the life of a party. Yet, he has a signature style of his own. He likes to wear his brands, but he is just as much a person who appreciates simplicity.His clothes match his fast-paced life, his attitude – they can actually tell his story! Zoran has very often experienced change, and quick change, in his life.


He narrates, “After graduation, I went to The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute to study acting, following which I was working with the New York Indian Film Festival. I had met my professor from school, who was Dean of Communications Department at that time. One day he comes up and tells me about the festival and suggests I should join in. So, I got up and said, let’s go. I went there as a viewer. But, when he introduced me to the Director of the festival, within a couple of minutes, I was a volunteer at the festival”. Since then, he was tied to the festival for the next three years. Even in Mumbai, Zoran is never too shy to let an opportunity pass, and won’t ever be caught without a handful projects in his plate. He is primarily an actor, but he is also a voiceover artist, writer, blogger, and a creative and social entrepreneur. Equally intrigued by his style, we threw a handful of questions at him, and here’s what he had to say, albeit, in spontaneity:


WM:As an actor, you live through several wardrobe changes. How important is the external appearance, as compared to a person’s personality?

ZS: I think it’s extremely important – it’s vital to look good, think good and feel good. For me, these are three very important things to follow in life, which a lot of people take too lightly. But, here’s the thing –present yourself in a manner that you want people to see you, because like we all know, within the first 30 seconds, people would have framed an impression of you.


Now especially, if you’re in a field where how you look matters, then yes, your fashion sense will play a big role in where you stand amongst your peers. Personally, I think it’s easiest to look good when you concentrate on the simpler things rather than getting carried away by brands and labels.
Having said that, the external appearance alone doesn’t do much for anyone. A Dolce & Gabbana suit is certainly going to lose its charm if the person wearing it is a rude or scathing personality or is a nitpicker. Good morals, good values, and good principles hold more value than we think they do.


WM: From student to actor, how has your fashion sense changed? And how is it still changing?

ZS: Firstly, my wardrobe has changed in a big way – I was a good 30kgs more than I am now. I was a very fat kid, and food was like the be-all and end-all in my life. (Giggles) It still is! But, now I realize it’s more important to become friends with the gym before it’s too late in life.
Also, I think with times, not just mine, everyone’s wardrobe changes, and so do our choices. What looked classy and appealing some five years back, may not appeal to us as much today.


WM:Are there elements in your wardrobe, which you don’t personally like, but you’d wear them nonetheless, because you know they look good on you.

ZS: Yes, in fact there are a couple of bottoms like that. Khakhi – I’m not the biggest fan of khakhi as a colour. I like my blue denims, my black jeans, my basic black or white shirts. But, I’m getting accustomed to khakhi now because it does look smart. I can wear it to parties or even at an event that requires me to be a semi- formally dressed. Other times, though, my fashion sensibilities are more casual chic. I love jeans and shorts.


WM: 5 things that’ll always be a part of your wardrobe.

ZS: My blue demins, my pair of white and black shirts, my belts, all my jackets, and my watches.


WM: 3 things in your wardrobe that need to be discarded right away.

ZS: A pair of denims that is too loose for me now, because I’ve lost weight. Then, there’s this grey shirt that I don’t wear anymore and it’s just lying in my cupboard, so that. My Ed Hardy tshirt – it used to be in vogue at one point of time, but now, I wouldn’t want to be seen wearing it. So, I’d definitely give that away too.

WM: If you had to spend a day with your idol, Shahrukh Khan in your case, what would you choose to wear?

ZS: Without a second thought, I’d wear my black Zara jacket – it just makes a statement. I’d add, a pair of black trousers and a good watch. He’s the brand ambassador of Tag Heuer, and I do have one of those, so definitely that.


WM: You have to be dressed to the T every time. So, what’s your last minute fashion fix, or that saving factor?

ZS: It really depends – it could be a simple change of shirt, depending on who you’re meeting. For me, last minute fixes are usually my hair, or just adding a watch to complete an otherwise seemingly incomplete look. This may sound a little philosophical but, even if all fails, your smile, confidence and charm are going to be your saviors.


Another little thing to understand is that more than how the world collectively sees it, fashion is what you make of it. So no matter what you’re wearing, as long as you’re confident in your skin, you’re going to look stylish.


WM:You’re often spotted outdoors wearing your sunglasses. Which is your favourite type?

ZS: I love classic aviators, but I also often stick to my wayfarers, since they go with most of my outfits.


WM:Describe your style sensibility in one word.

ZS: Enigmatic.



Shot and edited by Karan Khosla for WODROB.