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Closet Melange of a Multifaceted Business Coach: Sampada Chaudhari

Closet Melange of a Multifaceted Business Coach: Sampada Chaudhari

Independent, vivacious and dignified – Sampada Chaudhari is a glocal business coach who helps people create work that makes them happy as well as wealthy. Freedom is her theme song, and she believes everyone has a hidden genius that is waiting to create something unique and bring a shift in this world.

Prior to becoming a business coach, Sampada worked in advertising. She says, “Advertising was like home – fun, informal and creative. I never had to adjust or unlearn anything to be a part of it. Advertising gave me the opportunity to learn so much and achieve new heights of success with every new responsibility.”


But, after working in advertising for 15 years, Sampada realised it was time to move on. Then she chose to create a path, where she could follow her dreams and also make a difference in people’s lives. Today, she is not just following her dream career, but is also pursuing her many interests. She first started out by performing as a stand-up comedian on stage, and now is on her way to becoming a graceful Bharatnatyam dancer and a strong basketball player.

Just like her eclectic being, Sampada’s wardrobe too exudes sheer elegance and sophistication complete with western wear, Indian chic, bright colours, chunky as well as minimalistic jewellery and a mix of heels and flats. For this, she accredits her stylists Mitali and Summiyya. A meticulous person, Sampada relies on experts in getting the best, and says, “Hiring a stylist was a life changing experience.”

WM: How would you define your style?

SC: My style has evolved over the years. I have moved from being contemporary to off beat, from Indian earthy to western-centric and casual chic.

WM: How does your style influence the role you play at work?

SC: As a business coach, I create my own authority. The way I dress up helps me build that authority. When I look good, I feel awesome and that helps me in creating the enthusiasm and energy that can bring the required shift in my clients’ lives. My work requires me to take online coaching sessions, too. And, even on a Skype call I ensure I am well dressed.


WM: Do you still love going arty in your attire?

SC: Absolutely! While I’ve moved to wearing more western wear with MISU, I still love Indian wear. I particularly like wearing kurtas in mul fabrics, linen, chanderi, cotton lawn and cotton. I often pick up exotic Indian dupattas from various places –and most certainly when I travel to Delhi  or Jaipur. My other favourites in ethnic wear include Karachi suits in cotton lawn fabric.

WM: How do you play with colours in your wardrobe?

SC: I like whites and pastels in my wardrobe. I experiment with bright colours particularly with Indian wear. For instance, I like wearing a bright silk, chanderi or cotton dupatta with a basic white, beige or black kurta.


WM: What are the merits of hiring a stylist?

SC: Oh so many! I don’t hoard clothes, shoes and accessories anymore, because now I shop correctly. I have also stopped misjudging my body type and size. I now have a great time buying the right clothes, accessories and I end up saving a lot of money. I am also more confident about creating different combinations to wear than before and require less time to get ready.

WM: What’s your take on footwear?

SC: While I do wear heels, I’m most comfortable in my white canvas shoes which look trendy and go with jeggings, jeans as well as dresses. I’m particularly fond of a pair of TOMS which I own — they are super comfortable and easy to slip into.


WM: And perfumes?

SC: I love my perfumes – I wear them even on a Skype call.  It just makes me feel wonderful.  My current favourites are Issey Miyake’s City Blossom and Davidoff Cool Water Sea Rose.

WM: What would you wear if you were to meet Marie Forleo?

SC: I would like to wear a dress; but I would really rely on what my stylist picks.

WM: What are your must-have accessories?

SC: I can’t do without my watch and my statement ring, which makes me feel powerful.


WM: Any style icon you follow?

SC: I have always been fond of Coco Chanel and Jacqueline Kennedy’s styles. And amongst recent celebrities, I love Marie Forleo’s style. She is also a coach, and her teachings inspire me. And, coincidentally, she has a stylist too!

WM: Are you fond of make up?

SC: I’m blessed with a clear complexion, so I can get by with very little makeup. I love applying simple makeup that’s light — it works wonders for me. I’m particularly fond of a blue Bourjois eye pencil – most often that’s all I need.

WM: How do you differentiate the stand up comedian and business coach in you?

SC: As a stand up comedian, I wear casuals like denims, shirts and wear natural makeup with hair done well. While at work, I lean more towards formals and prefer to wear solid colours.


WM: Any style that you would never be caught wearing…

SC: My ensemble defines me and I am very particular about choosing what I wear. I wear clothes that allow me to express myself – both in terms of style and comfort. As long as I am comfortable in what I wear, I go for it. So, there’s nothing that I wouldn’t want you to see me wearing.

WM: What would you wear on a coffee date versus a movie date?

SC: For a coffee date, I would wear jeggings and a shirt; for a movie date I would go for a short skirt and a stylish top.


WM: Offline or Online

SC: Offline. I like to shop with my stylists!

WM: What’s well dressed according to you?

SC: Neat hair-do,  good lip colour, well drawn eyes, a classy watch and a comfortable non-sloppy dress marks ten on ten for me.

Shot and edited by Lakshay Arora for WODROB.