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A Fashion Photographer’s Closet: Karan Nevatia

A Fashion Photographer’s Closet: Karan Nevatia

This week, Wodrob had a wonderful opportunity to have a quick look into fashion photographer Karan Nevatia‘s wardrobe. Karan believes inspiration can come from varied sources, as long as you want to get inspired. In a candid chat, Karan shares his take on fashion, photography & style.

W – What excites you about Fashion Photography?
KN: Fashion Photography for me is about presenting an image with a lot of creativity. It has the ability to take you to places and push you to explore new avenues that are exciting. While many times, I try new things in creating and to draw inspiration from various sources, there are also times when I feel that the best way to create something is to do it the classic way.


Images: Courtesy Karan Nevatia

WM: What according to you is a flaw in fashion photography?
KN: That’s a tough one! I think many times just doing it as a job for money makes people lose their spark & creativity. I also feel the industry sometimes takes itself too seriously, which I feel is not needed.

WM: What is your style philosophy?
KN: I always seek comfort, prefer simple colours & clean designs. But most importantly my clothes should be well -fitted.


WM: What is your go-to shoot wear?
KN: I usually wear something comfortable like shorts & a t shirt. This is mainly because, to get a good shot photographers tend get into funny angles & positions. I also like wearing cargo pants for outdoor shoots. The extra pockets make it easier for me to keep everything handy.

WM: Do you have any style icon?
KN: Not really! I choose what I like & fits me well.


WM: Do you have a favourite brand? Why?
KN: I wear what is comfortable. Basically, I like something that looks good on me & fits me well. I am not a brand loyalist.

WM: Any favourite color?
KN: You will find lot of reds & blues in my wardrobe.


WM: Who according to you is the best dressed celebrity?
KN: I really like Sonam Kapoor. I feel she is pretty much to the point, and also experimental! In men I like Farhan Akhtar. He always wears well-fitted clothes & has a good body that pulls off everything perfectly! Internationally, I find Blake Lively’s style exemplary. I am fond of classics & for me she pulls them off just right.

WM: Since you are fond of classics, what would be your choice of shirt & trousers?
KN: If it is during the day – I like light coloured, or white cotton shirt. For evenings, I prefer darker shades like indigo, dark maroon, or black.

I like dark blue trousers or dark tint jeans.


WM: Any favourite shopping hotspot?
KN: Well, I am not a big time shopper. But i love Bangkok as it has everything I need & it is cheap. In Mumbai, I prefer shopping from Phoenix Mills, Palladium & Colaba.

WM: Any must haves for a wardrobe?
KN: For men, one must always have a white shirt & blue jeans along with classic shoes like oxfords or sneakers in their wardrobe. For women,  black dress, nude flats, summer dresses are must haves.


Shot and edited by Indrajeet Deshmukh for WODROB.