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Explore An Explorer’s Closet ~ Sudeepta Sanyal

Explore An Explorer’s Closet ~ Sudeepta Sanyal

Sudeepta Sanyal, co-founder of The Blueberry Trails – an experiential travel company – truly personifies Saint Augustine’s famous travel quote — The world is a book, and those who don’t travel only read the first page. Sudeepta lives the life many of us dream about — she travels for a living. She began her journey as a travel entrepreneur six years ago. This journey first started with her travel chronicles about offbeat destinations along with her co-founder, who photographed the places for their travel blog. And, this eventually turned into a full-time venture, complete with weekend trips, long holidays in India and abroad, and corporate and customised trips.

Being a Fouji (Army) kid, travel was inherent to her being. And each time she travelled, Sudeepta discovered a new aspect of her personality. That was the very premise of The Blueberry Trails — help people discover themselves through travel.


Sudeepta is a voracious reader, an ardent follower of music and a self-taught guitarist (well, almost! She is currently learning how to get the chords right on her guitar). Addressing herself as the boss lady, Sudeepta says she doesn’t believe in confining to limits. And, her wardrobe is exactly what she believes in – fluid, unrestrictive and no-nonsense. “I can’t wear anything that binds me in any way or is high-maintenance” — her collection includes only as much as what is needed.

Here, Sudeepta indulges in a freewheeling chat with our team in her quaint apartment in Bandra, (To reach her place, our team literally had to walk through a trail of turns and twists through green patches and open spaces) while her adorable Shih Tzu – Doenut – plays quiet the host.


WM: What’s fascinating about being part of the travel industry?

Everyone on my team, including me, genuinely believes that we are making a difference in someone else’s life. When our travellers live the experiences designed for them, I really think that when they come back…they come back different and a better version of themselves.

WM: What inspires you the most?

SS: I believe in being the best version of myself. I feel am evolving, and am constantly reading or doing stuff to expand my horizons.

WM: How would you define your style?

SS: It’s a mix of feminine androgynous. Also, my clothes reflect my mood, so you could say I am very moody in my style too.


WM: How do you bring this inspiration in your styling?

SS: I believe style is an extension of who we are; what we feel internally. And, we should make an effort to flaunt it well. It is our image that we want to project to the outside world. You should totally do a good job of it.

WM: Tell us about your boss lady avatar…

SS: I am a very friendly boss and you’ll always see me wearing casuals. For meetings, I team my casuals with heels; otherwise it’s sneakers. I feel sneakers inspire my gypsy soul and heels make me feel empowered as a woman.

WM: What’s your favourite accessory?

SS: I love wearing sunglasses. And, when it comes to jewellery I go through my phases. So, I used to have this ring phase. Presently, I love doing up my neck and I buy lot of neck-pieces. I also like silver.


WM: Do you imbibe local style in you when you travel?

SS: When in Rome, do as Romans do. I am as local as I can be — I like to wear what the place and its style have to offer.

WM: When you travel what memories do you bring back home?

SS: I try and get hold of the local music by visiting the bars or finding out about new bands that play out there. I love collecting fridge magnets, curios and local fashion. I also like to journal my writing when I am travelling. And, I pick-up books that are quintessentially unique to the place I travel.



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Shot and edited by Indrajeet Deshmukh for WODROB.