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The Bride Who Sold Her Wedding ~ Mehendi

The Bride Who Sold Her Wedding ~ Mehendi

It was a vibrant mélange of music, dance, bright decorations and quirky details that made the Mehendi Ceremony a fun party to be at – the WM team was in attendance and had quite the reporting to make.

The day started off on a colourful note as we arrived amidst the beautiful floral arrangements and pinwheel decor – Hansika made her grand entry in her bright threadwork lehenga donning a pair of sunglasses as she danced her way to the room along with a set of Punjabi dhol players and dancers.


Members of her family and friends made their way to the dance floor where they were joined by the dhol and beautiful bride-to-be was the centre of attention. The guests indulged themselves at the photo booth that had fun props and slogans to pose with – it made for a unique guestbook full of memories. Ahead, take a look for yourselves at all the fun and stylish sightings as we spoke to the guests and gauged their excitement for the bride. 

Anusha Dandekar, Friend and Artist at HC Media


*Anusha chose this pretty Anarkali by Amber Pret from her wardrobe for the Mehendi

On what she thought of the bride’s outfit: “Oh my god, it’s really fabulous, I heard she got it from, and she was actually sending me pictures when she was deciding her outfit – she’s my manager but I’m her style advisor sometimes (laughs). I think Flyrobe did a really good job at putting it together and it looks great – we’re quite obsessed with the colour pink and so when she incorporated it with her choice of outfit it’s just so reflective of her energy, her personality and I think that’s what it’s all about. Back in the day, brides were always so hell-bent on being so traditional, so their personalities never came out in the outfit and I think today women want to wear what they feel comfortable in and most importantly what they feel sexy in – I think that’s really important.”

A tip for bridesmaids: “I think less is more, not just with clothes, makeup and hair too, don’t make it too complicated – you want to dance, you want to have a good time, and you’re going to sweat – you don’t want foundation dripping down on your clothes. Just focus on keeping it light yet fun and most importantly feel beautiful, because it’s all about having a good time. Don’t go over the top with everything – leave that to the bride!”

Her take on ‘The Bride Who Sold Her Wedding’: “I think it’s absolutely genius! (laughs) I mean let’s think about it…we never wear our wedding outfits again, we never use them again – they’re too over the top to wear at anybody else’s functions, really! There’s a lot of expense that goes into it unless you want to frame it and put it on your wall, you’re not really going to use it again. So, I think if you do have that option of borrowing an outfit and giving it right back – that’s the best way and you could then use your money for something else.”

Urmi Mazumder, Cousin Sister-in-Law


On what she thought of the bride’s outfit: “I think her Mehendi outfit is very pretty and really apt for the function, it’s got the yellows, the pinks and all the happy colours. Hansika has such a lively and bright personality and her outfit speaks volumes, its light, it helps her move around and it’s just going perfectly with the theme.”

A tip for bridesmaids: “My advice for bridesmaids attending a Mehendi is to keep it bright, keep it light because you’re here to have fun – just be happy, as that’s the key to it all, you know someone very wise once said, ‘Happy girls are the prettiest’.”

Sucheta, Best Friend


On what she thought of the bride’s outfit: “I think Hansika’s outfit is fabulous, the colours are just so vibrant, I remember we selected it very keenly.”

A tip for bridesmaids: “I think when it comes to dressing for a Mehendi, bridesmaids should wear great makeup because of the pictures and keep the choice of clothes very light yet fun so that they can enjoy. Bangles are a must have statement accessory for Mehendi’s as they complete the outfit.”

Her take on ‘The Bride Who Sold Her Wedding’: “I think it’s a fabulous concept because brides don’t really repeat their outfits again as they are only meant for a one time wear. Weddings are such an expensive affair, I think it’s just great that she thought of this!”

Karan Kundra, Friend and Artist at HC Media


His take on ‘The Bride Who Sold Her Wedding’: “I think it’s an amazing concept and we’re all here supporting it. Only Hansika can come up with something like this and I want more people to think in this manner. Other than that, Hansika has her own baarat, which is something so great and I want my sisters to do the same thing, I’m really going to propagate it.

Zainab Junaid Khan, College Friend and Designer


* Zainab designed her own outfit for occasion, her label goes name of ‘AZ couture’

On what she thought of the bride’s outfit: “I loved Hansika’s outfit, it’s so vibrant with its colour combination – it goes really well with the function.”

A tip for bridesmaids: “As a bridesmaid, when dressing up for a function like this, they should really watch out for something elegant that’s traditional with a touch of fusion. I’ve seen so many of her friends and family members wearing a saree but with such unique drapes, so it was really refreshing to see that people incorporate fusion styles and make it so contemporary yet traditional. Jhumkas are a great add on to complete a Mehendi ensemble.” 

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Photography by Madhurjya Saikia for WODROB.
Videography by Indrajeet Deshmukh for WODROB.