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#WODROB5: A Quick Chat With Actress Sana Khaan

#WODROB5: A Quick Chat With Actress Sana Khaan

At a recent fundraising by multi-designer store Vyoum for the Angel Xpress Foundation, WODROB got a chance to speak to the bubbly Sana Khaan. Looking stunning in a red Ritu Seksaria gown, the actress joined hands with Vyoum’s founder Ritu (Seksaria) to be part of this philanthropic event.

“This is the least we can do for underprivileged children. We all need to contribute to the development of underprivileged children so they have a brighter future. This activity will bring hope to someone’s life, which is a beautiful thought,” she said.

We couldn’t help but seize the opportunity to ask Sana a few questions on how she manages to look great no matter what the day. Read our section #WODROB5 to know what Sana had to say. PS: Watch the live video here.

What are the five things you have in your handbag?

The first thing I carry is my handbag (laughs). Then there’s my sunscreen, lip balm, credit card, and probably a charger.

What is your night beauty regime?

I definitely clean my face. I exfoliate it and before using a toner, I use a nice face pack be it warm clay or a charcoal mask, anything that nourishes my skin. Then I use a serum and an anti-aging cream. People in India always question me about anti-aging creams. I think you should use one after the age of twenty-five. It helps reduce fine lines and it is even scientifically proven.

If you had five minutes to change, what would your go-to look be?

Whatever is ironed (laughs).

Do you prefer western to Indian attire in everyday life?

Yes of course. Denim is easier to put on than Indianwear every day.

One fashion trend you’ll NEVER follow?

I will never follow anything that doesn’t suit me irrespective of whether it is in fashion or not.