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#WODROB5: A Quick Chat With Designer & Blogger Manju Saikia

#WODROB5: A Quick Chat With Designer & Blogger Manju Saikia

Today, the digital-obsessed world that we live in has given way to offbeat professions that flourish in ways like never before. The domain of blogging is one such example. A blogger’s life equates to a visually-collated personal journal that is open for the rest of the world to see. At WODROB, we’re always on the lookout for new faces. This time, we caught up with designer and blogger, Manjushree Saikia. An ardent traveller, Manju has mastered the art of juggling both blogging and designing and showcases them on her blog called The Style Sight. Here, she talks about her favourite travel destinations, personal style and more.

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What’s your personal style like?

I believe in styling oneself according to the body type, facial structure and also occasion. Style is also a reflection of one’s persona or mood. Looking good isn’t necessary but the styling has to be experimental. Being a textile designer, I love putting various textile elements into my style.


What are the 5 things you will never walk out of the house without?

My cell phone, ATM card, lipstick, mascara, and perfume.


Which is the current trend you are loving?

Right now, I’m definitely loving the embroidery trend.

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Favourite travel destination?

I recently visited Maldives; so currently that’s my favourite travel destination.


If not a fashion designer/blogger, what would you be?

I think I would have been a comedian. Not only do I love making people laugh, I’m also someone who loves positive vibes.
Wardrobe courtesy: Funky Dory. Makeup & Hair by Bushra S Khan.