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Khushnaz Turner–Keeping Her Heels, Head and Standards High

Khushnaz Turner–Keeping Her Heels, Head and Standards High

While she may be seen sporting ‘Mom Jeans’ she ain’t no ordinary mom, ya’ll. Personal stylist and wardrobe consultant, Khushnaz Turner wears many hats. From administering a family business to handling a blog followed by many, this light-eyed mom demands a turn of heads.

Our first reaction to being introduced to Khushnaz was one filled with awe and inspiration. Impeccably dressed as always, Khushnaz looked like a vision in her Indian ensemble, one she designed herself. While in conversation with her, we realized that she constantly referred to her thirties in the past tense. Who would’ve guessed? Khushnaz today is in her early forties and we bet you couldn’t tell!

“I can tell you honestly that once you hit your thirties, you realise that you’re a more confident you, strangely. You also know where you are at in life by then”, she said.

While Khushnaz influences several through her blog and her stunning Instagram looks, her professional life involves her family business in logistics. When asked why being in the fashion scene isn’t a full-time business she said, “the fashion and celebrity styling business is a very high intensity job with long hours and it would leave me with no time for family”.

Her personal style is one to take inspiration from. With no background in fashion, her innate sense of style is astonishing. In minimalism, she manages to style herself appropriately for any occasion. The sharp dresser that she is, she believes in minimal accessorizing and layering only when absolutely necessary. We were curious to know more and we bet you are too. Read on why Khushnaz Turner is the one to follow.

WM: Tell us about this glamorous avatar you have. Were you always this way?

KT: Yes, I really was. My school and college friends would laugh at me and say I was shopping way too much which was shocking to them even then. So yes, I have always been this way and also at some level my parents are responsible. I was spoilt by them since an early age and now by my husband.

WM: Tell us about your work in the fashion space in a professional capacity.

KT: Okay, so I’ve done multiple things. In my thirties, at around thirty-five I thought that I should go out and do something with fashion because it’s just something that came so naturally to me. So, I went out and styled. I did magazines, I did celebrities and television shows and at least twenty of them with top production houses in the country. I did numerous television series in the food space. I styled Chef Sanjeev Kapoor who is a wonderful person to be around and very easy to style. I styled him for his show Cook Smart and I also styled Amrita Raichand for Mummy Ka Magic, among others. I have also done advertisements like Dove, Ponds and Parachute to name a few. Huma Qureshi, Sonal Chauhan, Priya Anand and Vishakha Singh have all been styled by me, exclusively, for a few years now.

WM: So you also call yourself a personal shopper?

KT: I do. I have a couple of clients that I do personal shopping for. It is very fulfilling and a lot of fun.

WM: What do you professionally do as of today?

KT: I work in my family business of logistics and that is pretty much where I have been for the last twenty years too. I’ve been doing it since I finished college. That’s what I primarily do now.

WM:So, how did this blog come about?

KT: Someone casually over a coffee said you know, since styling comes so naturally to you why don’t you think of blogging? It was something I hadn’t ever thought about. A month or so later I started researching and I gave it some serious thought. I started out with one picture every time I went out and I am somebody who dresses up round the clock so that wasn’t much of an issue. Of course, I got lots of support. Blogging is not easy at all. You need to have one picture at least that goes up daily.

WM: Tell us a little more about your blog and also a little about your Instagram looks.

KT: My blog mirrors who I am. I take inspiration from other bloggers from all over the world. For me, it sort of changes every month. I maybe in the space where I love how one blogger styles herself or takes her pictures and then I might move on later and find inspiration somewhere else. For Instagram I get up by six in the morning on the weekends and have a photographer who comes in and shoots six to eight looks so I can put them up through the week. I am constantly researching and trying to get good stuff and fresh content out to the people. It’s no easy task and requires a lot of work. I will never put something up I am not completely convinced with or love. I do put up certain ‘trending’ things occasionally to keep the content fresh however the blog reflects my own personal style which is very minimal.

WM: Talking of personal style where do you take inspiration from?

KT: So, there are a few personal stylists I love and also love how they style their celebrities. I take inspiration from them. I love how Sanjana Batra styles her celebrities; I even love her own personal style. I love Alia Rufia too; she’s the one that styles Anushka Sharma. Also, I have been reading magazines way before I started styling. I am a complete magazine hog. I have all Indian magazines and devour each one of them. Internationally also, I have them on my iPad and read every one of them.

WM:What about ‘trends’ and the fad about following them. What is your take on the subject?

KT: As a blogger, I do need to be completely updated and I need to keep the content on my blog very fresh. So, on the blog I need to follow certain trends and they change almost every three months so yes, I do keep abreast about them. But again, I am a simple girl. When it comes to my personal sense of style, you will see me wearing a dress again that I wore two years back because certain classic pieces never go out of style.

WM:We love how impeccable you always look. Our readers would love to know a little about your beauty regime.

KT: My hair is blow-dried three times a week. My skin routine is very simple. I may occasionally use a pimple cream when I break out. I cleanse three times a day and I will never ever sleep with make up on, however late it maybe.

WM: When did you discover this style of your own?

KT: I’ve always had it. I’ve always worn dresses and I have always tried to be different. So, it was just something that was always innately there.

WM: …and no formal fashion education?

KT: Nope, none at all. It is something that just comes aesthetically to me.  I think it would come easy to anybody if you are 24/7 reading, eating and researching it.

WM: So then, what would you call yourself? A trend follower or a trend setter?

KT: Oh gosh! It would be very presumptuous of me to say I am a trendsetter. I do meet young girls though, that come up to me and tell me they’re following my blog and loved something after they saw it on me and even went out and bought it themselves! I also have friends that I see on social media wearing looks similar to the looks I’ve done which to me is one of the biggest compliments and extremely flattering.

WM:  Let’s stick to ‘trend setter’ then, shall we?

KT: If you must. (Laughs).

WM: Tell us what you’re day would look like in terms of dressing.

KT: For me, my work clothes are very corporate. I would be either in a pencil skirt or a dress and this would be knee length and fitted with a pair of classic pumps. I like keeping it very simple. I would wear some stud earrings and a bag. But that is pretty much my office look. Even if I go out for lunches, which is rarely, with my school mothers, I might dress up a tad more; it might be a fancier look. The most basic thing and something most women don’t really get is that the simplest thing you could wear is a dress. It requires no layering or accessorizing.

WM: You’re quite nocturnal. Tell us how you style yourself at night.

KT: In the day while I am completely covered up for a completely different corporate environment, at night when I’m out with my husband, my dressing is definitely sexier, in the shorter and tighter kind of way. I wear lots of dresses and I very seldom wear pants. So, if it’s like date-night with my husband, I will never wear pants, I will only wear a dress. I wear a lot of rompers, again, they are extremely easy to style and they look flattering on everybody. I also wear a lot of backless clothes, I think they really suit me.

WM:  You travel a lot. Tell us how traveling has influenced your style.

KT:  Traveling affects everybody in a very huge way. It exposes you to a whole new level of things being accessible. To be honest, things aren’t as accessible in Mumbai as they are abroad. I still buy a lot of things online. When I travel I get a lot of my shopping done. Like In Europe I pick up a lot of branded shoes and bags. It depends on which country and which place I am at and I shop accordingly.

WM:  Has being a mother changed the way you style yourself?

KT: My daughter is almost fifteen and we share clothes sometimes. But, there are lots of things I hesitate to wear because if she has worn them then maybe it’s time for me to retire from wearing it. So, yes, in that way it has changed the way I style myself today.

WM: Do you think an app to help you manage your wardrobe would be of any use to you?

KT:  I am a complete app person actually. However my wardrobe is quite organized so maybe not for me but, for those who are trying to find their personal sense of style… they could definitely benefit from using an app like that.

WM: Describe to us your personal style in three words.

KT: It’s definitely classic, very effortless and very minimal. I am someone who will leave the house in one less piece. Very Coco Chanel.

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