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Vinisha Bhansali Talks About Becoming Content Strategist & Marketing Head For Caught In A Cuff

Vinisha Bhansali Talks About Becoming Content Strategist & Marketing Head For Caught In A Cuff

In our ongoing series titled Fashion Insider, we get in touch with people working behind-the-scenes in fashion to know all about making a career in the domain, how they became successful, the hardships they face, job perks and more. 

Technology has become such an integral part of the present, so much so that personal lives as well as careers have drastically changed as its aftereffect. There was once a phase when influencers were out of people’s reach. Now, a person is labelled an influencer given the number he or she reaches out to. Jobs have seen a transformation too, and more people are seen turning ideators and entrepreneurs than taking up a mundane nine-to-five. Even in the fashion space, the common guy/girl is turning out to be a style icon because somewhere, in all things relatable, one seeks inspiration. Talking about the rise of fashion bloggers, one such ‘relatable’ name in the Indian blog scene is Riya Jain aka Caught In A Cuff (CIAC). Riya is a fashion enthusiast with 243k followers on Instagram. But today, it’s not about Riya, but about an essential team member of hers who manages CIAC’s marketing and content plans. In the second part of our Fashion Insider series, we talk to Vinisha Bhansali, Caught In A Cuff’s Marketing Head & Content Strategist, on taking an offbeat career, and more. Excerpts from an interview.

How long have you known Riya for? Also, how exactly did you land this job?

It’s barely been five months that I started knowing her (Riya) but it already feels like a lifetime. May be it is because of her jovial nature. I started off my career as a social media intern in a digital marketing firm. My designation, before I joined Riya as a Marketing Head & Content Strategist, was that of a Senior Social Media Executive.
Vinisha Bhansali, Content Strategist & Marketing Head Of Riya Jain
Vinisha Bhansali, Content Strategist & Marketing Head Of Riya Jain

What has been the best part of your CIAC journey?

Mentioning just one part wouldn’t do justice to my entire CIAC journey. Every moment, every experience has given my career a new direction. And that’s what I feel is the best part of my journey.

Blogging is a growing profession in India but it’s still pretty unconventional. This also stands true for a blogger’s manager. What do you think is the scope of this profession in India?

This industry is booming and demanding. The opportunities are immense as bloggers have established their brand. Also, the versatility of this profession brings in the need for people like us, who can take care of the diverse aspects involved in this career.

Do you recommend being a blogger’s manager as a full-time career option?

Yes… any day. Only if you’re willing to give your heart and soul to it.

The industry is huge now with upcoming talent kick-starting a blog every other second. How do you manage to maintain the top position in the Indian blogging sphere?

Being true to her work and doing justice to the expectations of the brand is what that keeps Riya on the top position.

Vinisha Bhansali who is Content Strategist & Marketing Head Of Riya Jain Caught In a Cuff
Vinisha Bhansali

Are there any pressures of being a blogger’s manager? If so, how do you cope up with it?

Meeting deadlines, trying out all the crazy things that are in vogue but still setting one’s own style statement, etc. All these things create a constant pressure on me. But with Riya’s support, things are pretty much in control.

What are the perks of your profession?

Exploring new places, tapping the creative side, attending elite events, and also staying fashion forward.

What is the one thing about your job that no one expects?

Ummm… can’t really think of one right now.

We know that Riya Jain’s style is a mix of chic and girly. What is your personal style like?

My style is anything that gives me a sense of comfort, be it jammies at home or a short bodycon dress to a work, party or event.

Vinisha Bhansali Content Strategist & Marketing Head Of Riya Jain Caught In a Cuff
Vinisha Bhansali

As a viewer, we only get to see the glamourous side of the blogger. What is Riya like IRL?

Instagram tends to portray just the glamorous side of Riya’s personality. But in real life, she is just one of us… a girl who gives importance to her family as well as work, ambitions and bucket list goals.

This interview has been lightly edited and condensed for clarity.