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The Bride Who Sold Her Wedding ~ Cocktail

The Bride Who Sold Her Wedding ~ Cocktail


Music, dance, a silent disco and some fabulous fashion moments set the tone for this glamorous bash. Have a look ahead as we spotted some red carpet-worthy moments and took a fun Bollywood-cocktail wardrobe survey.

The soirée started off with really stylish family members and friends walking into what was about to be a night they would never forget — Hansika revelled in the limelight with an effortlessly elegant gown that dazzled with just right amount of gold and glitter, her beau Gaurav stood dapper as ever in his navy blue suit. The evening was filled with dance performances, the bride danced among friends sporting a pair of sunglasses for a touch of swag, a surprise mannequin challenge put all the guests in fun spirits and the night wrapped up with a silent party where all the guests wore headphones that helped them dance to their own tunes.

Shruti Narayan, Friend and Model

(On her outfit)“I was bored of wearing a regular saree and suit, so I felt the need to play with different elements and bring them together – I picked up this flowy skirt from Bangkok, plus I had this heavy phulkari duppatta, so I topped it off with this blouse I bought for it’s fun back pattern.”

On Hansika’s outfit: “I love what she’s wearing! The champagne gold is doing absolute justice to her skin tone and it just looks so classy.”

Shikha Kumar, Gaurav’s Sister

(On her outfit) “I wanted to wear a lehenga because it’s really traditional and nobody wears that anymore, also since it was a black tie affair I wanted it to be a little contemporary so I opted for an off-shoulder crop top”

On Hansika’s outfit: “It’s amazing – gold can be such a tricky colour to pull off since it’s so jazzy, but with her outfit, the cut and the shimmer just balances everything out.”

Natasha, Hansika’s cousin

(On her outfit) “It really matches my style, I usually like to just pick up something I like and this was it, its elegant and is really apt for a cocktail function.”



(On her outfit)“I like things that are very contemporary yet Indian – so this outfit really fits the bill.”      

Sunil Grover


On Hansika’s outfit: “She’s looking gorgeous! Usually the case with most brides is that the outfit usually wears them, but with Hansika’s choice of gown for tonight, she’s wearing the dress and it’s not the other way round, she’s owning it!”

Bollywood WODROB Match Game

We asked a couple of guests what they’d wear if they had to perform on a set of famous Bollywood song choices for cocktails — the answers were tallied and results were chic with a hint of fun!

Get The Look From Flyrobe

Gerua, Dilwale

Gerua, Dilwale

A romantic chiffon saree in either a rose pink or coral with a floral print blouse, no accessories just a great lip colour
Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast Mast, Mohra

Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast Mast, Mohra

A short blouse with harem pants or blingy / neon lehenga and a maang tikka
Tip tip Barsa Paani, Mohra

Tip tip Barsa Paani, Mohra

A net sari with a sequinned blouse and chandelier earrings
Cutiepie, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Cutiepie, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

A flowy pastel lehenga with a front tie up crop top/ off-shoulder crop top and a matha patti.
Kala Chasma, Baar Baar Dekho

Kala Chasma, Baar Baar Dekho

A short blingy crop top with dhoti pants and a great pair of sunglasses and earcuffs

Come what may, seeking wardrobe inspiration from Bollywood is easily one the best ways to stand out at a wedding – you don’t have to aim at looking like a copy cat straight-out of the movie itself, but taking a few cues from their style surely won’t hurt!

Photography by Madhurjya Saikia for WODROB.
Videography by Indrajeet Deshmukh for WODROB.


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