Baahubali 2 Gives Us Costume Design Inspiration

  Jehana Antia 340 Views Comments

Releasing on the 28th of April, 2017 we’re all prepared for Baahubali 2, a sure-shot blockbuster after its prequel. While we are all set to be amazed by gigantic sets and stunning visuals, we are also awaiting to see the dazzling and elaborative ensembles in the movie. Costume designing is no small task and we have lots of respect for those that take up projects of enormity like designing for Baahubali and Baahubali 2. While brain storming here, we couldn’t help but think of what really must be going through the creative minds of those who dare take up the task. Costumes play an integral part of the film and should be designed as per surroundings and script requirements. However, for budding designers reading this, we decided to research what costume designers pay keen attention to while getting the job done. Here are a few we thought were key to pay heed to:

    • Try something that hasn’t been tried
    • Always keep in mind the time frame of the movie (In case of Baahubali 2, the era)
    • It’s all in the tailoring. Try not to pick off-the-rack
    • Keep in mind the body-type and the personality the actor is portraying in the film
    • In case of many characters (like in Baahubali 2), make sure each has a different look