Decoding Noor’s Style

  Jehana Antia 176 Views Comments

Released on the 21st of April, Noor is the story of an investigative journalist and is touted to probably be one of Sonakshi’s best performances. While we plan booking our tickets soon, we wanted to give you a little insight into Noor’s outfits donned by Sonakshi in the film. While Sonakshi has been very public about accepting her body as is, we couldn’t help but notice how well Noor’s costume designer has styled the bubbly actress. In A-line cuts and clothes that are extremely relatable, we say kudos to Fabeha Khan. From the checkered-blue dress worn in the trailer with a pair of white sneakers seen throughout the film to the Maheshwari peach dress and the marble printed cape, we bet you could see yourself wear these outfits for a day’s work or for brunch with the gals. Sonakshi has been seen wearing singlets on a pair of denim jeans and scarves to complete the looks many times too, another look we city girls are so used to. In the song ‘Gulabi’, Sonakshi (lip)sings her way through in an A-line maroon dress with ankle length boots. Girls, this is the dress to wear on your next night out when dancing is your main prerogative and adjusting your dress isn’t.
We bet a few accessory pieces Noor has been spotted wearing in the film, comes from your same jewelry ‘wala’ at Hill Road. From looking comfortable to seemingly real, the costume styling for the movie is on-point if nothing else maybe. We can’t wait to catch the movie. Tell us when you’re going!