The first combined MTV Movie & TV Awards took place at Los Angeles last night. And gosh! What a star-studded night it was. The red carpet looks at this event was nothing short of spectacular, just like it has been every year. Yes there were bizarre outfits (like there is at any other glam night), but we LOVED some of the looks by the A-list attendees.

First off, let’s talk about Cara Delevingne. Phew! Is there anything the model-turned-actress doesn’t look good in. We have our doubts. Sporting a tattoo on her shaved head, Cara looked super-edgy and fierce. Then there was the stunning ‘Beauty’ Emma Watson, who has always worked her magic on the red carpet. Zendaya is another name we have to take, as she looked incredible.

Overall, we’ve got a bunch of names who made quite an impression last night. Wondering if your favourite made it to the list? Check it out!